A look at what we do.

A bit about the team.

We're not big shots (except maybe for Kevin) just some guys who want to live the dream. We enjoy what we do and are very good at it.

You, as a boat owner, should know the value of a solid, survey compliant, and clean investment. Understand small problems become big deal breakers, we can help.

We, keep things simple... not try to take on more than we can chew and take care of boats. Plain and simple.

Bottom line: we're not looking for a big hit. It is our goal to be able to get up in the morning and spend the day working on a boat. And, while we're at it, make enough money to have a respectible lifestyle.


A graphic designer by career, a boat restorer by passion. Has spent the past37 years learning, listening, and getting his hands dirty. Never afraid to don the mask and get busy.


Started out helping to restore an old sailboat, then refinished my house, and has been working on boats ever since. He's's an attention to detail, works hard, does it right.


Randy "RJ" Julian was brought on board to do some pretty major work on my Grand Banks 32 Classic woodie. Fair, very knowledgeable, and willing to try new techniques.


Without the help of Kevin, along with his solid advice, a lot of what I am trying to do would never have been possible. An entrapenuer extraordinaire... thanks.

About BRAM

Our goal is to provide a reasonably priced boat repair and maintenance service. We're leaving Minnesota to spend our retirement years in warmer climes. Keep an eye out for the Grand Banks 32 - Lucky Maru!

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The Great Loop

The BRAM Team will be traveling on the Lucky Maru, a restored 1972 Grand Banks 32 Classic. While on the trip we'll be accessing a lot of information. Below are some links:

GB Woodies

About ComoLtd

Graphic Design and Marketing has been my life, boat repair and maintenance is my retirement gig... fact is I'm pretty good at both. So, if you need either service, give me a call.

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