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The fact is for most of my career I've been in marketing and graphic design. My passion is to repair and maintain boats (granted, most of the ones I've had were virtually complete restorations). Now in my later years, I am cruising in my Grand Banks and looking to work with people who don't want to resurrect an old boat, instead maintain and use their investment.

We price our work fairly, come from Minnesota with a mid-western work ethic, and thoroughly enjoy working on boats. Our experience is pretty extensive and we do everything possible to provide a service you'll tell your friends about. Call us, our talk is cheap and you'll find out soon enough our service is well worth it.

FOR SALE: I have a supply of Marine-Tex® Epoxy Putty - the high-strength repair compound designed for filling, bonding and rebuilding wood, Fiberglass, ceramic, glass, and many plastics. See the ABOUT page side bar for more.

repair rotted wood

Repair Rotted wood

We're not talking about a major restoration, have been through enough of them. Instead we'll show you how to locate problem areas and ways to prevent further damage. Always be on the lookout for rot and address it as soon as possible.

rebuilding portlights

Rebuild Portlights

Not many things are more annoying (and destructive) as a leaking port. Sometimes it's nothing more than a gasket and other times they need to be removed, rebuilt, and reinstalled. Generally not too difficult, just takes practice and usually a lot of time.

recaulking teak decks

Recaulk Decks

Teak decks are beautiful to look at and provide incredible traction when wet. Neglected they leak and the water penetration does more than soak your bunk. It's not fun replacing a deck core nor is it cheap. Make sure your deck seams are doing their job, if not call.

refinishing brightwork

Brightwork and Topcoats

We seldom use the more exotic coatings as we are not set up for it. One-part urethanes and as of late, switched from spar varnish to Awlwood™ 2-component coating for brightwork. We try to use coatings which are easy to touch-up and relatively inexpense.

abyc wiring

Minor Electrical

Too many older boats have had multiple owners who decided if they can wire a table lamp a marine fuse panel can't be much different. We learned long ago there is a big difference. So, we check, double-check, and re-check every ABYC connection is correct.

grand banks 32 classic on the water

General Maintenance

Spend your time on the water, let us take care of maintaining your boat. And, taking care of it is just paying attention, keeping it clean, and when a problem arises fixing it sooner than later. Simple really, we can help take away your pain. Call today.

Being a graphic designer has taught me a lot about paying attention to the details. And as with creating a brochure, ad, outdoor billboard, or a web site the finished product is in the details. We will do what ever it takes to help you repair and maintain your boat... give us a call to see how we can help.

About BRAM

Our goal is to provide a reasonably priced boat repair and maintenance service. We're leaving Minnesota to spend our retirement years in warmer climes. Keep an eye out for the Grand Banks 32 - Lucky Maru!

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The Great Loop

The BRAM Team will be traveling on the Lucky Maru, a restored 1972 Grand Banks 32 Classic. While on the trip we'll be accessing a lot of information. Below are some links:

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About ComoLtd

Graphic Design and Marketing has been my life, boat repair and maintenance is my retirement gig... fact is I'm pretty good at both. So, if you need either service, give me a call.

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