Tools used to clean out the seams in a Grand Banks teak deck.
Epoxy creates some nasty VOC's - a 3M-Organic-Respirator is essential equipment.
An old barnyard find, looked pretty nice after a half dozen coats of varnish.
Carvel planked seams primed, a thinned coat of Interlux Micron CSC, and ready for cotton.
Stripping the old finish from the toe rail prior to a light sand and Awlwood.
A fresh coat of Smooth-Sailing Copper Teflon anti-fouling bottom paint.
A Columbia C26 MKI in her slip.
A freshly painted Aquarius A23 trailerable ready for the water.


After restoring half a dozen boats, you get pretty good at it.

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Though not equipped to perform major repairs on vessels, we possess real hands on experience and have seen it all, done it all, and mastered it. Rebuilding windows, replacing rotted wood, recoring decks, renewing teak deck seams, refinishing, and the like. Our goal is to help restore your boat to a like new condition.

bram boat maintenance


The object is to find potential problems before they become major concerns. Keeping your boat in bristol condition takes time, but usually not a lot of money. We'll work with you to create your own, customized maintenance schedule. From general cleaning and waxing to yearly brightwork renewing and system checks.

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Available to Help

For over 35 years we've devoted as much time as possible to restoring and maintaining boat of all sorts. We especially love the classic wood, but understand what it takes to maintain glass as well. Our passion is working with people who love boating and take pride in their craft. Call today to see how we can help.

Wood, Glass, Fabrication— all part of the process.

grand banks 32 classic hull
aquarius a23 deadlights
aquarius a23 restored

When working on boats one must keep thinking; good, better, best... never let it rest.

Something I was taught by my good friend "Famous" Dave Anderson.

A little about Lance Como

lance como founder of bramFor the past 40 years I been in the graphic arts, 38 of those I've run my own business — Como Consortium Ltd.

Back in 1979, I took some time off to travel in a converted 1966 Bluebird school bus and ended up in Delray Beach Florida. There I took a job working at a small marina called Marlinspike. It was at that marina where I got introduced to boating.

I spent 6 months there working on a variety of boats where I began by pressure washing, scrapping barnacles, replacing sacrificial keels, bottom painting and eventually replacing planks, etc.

Since then I completely restored a 1960 Owens Sea Skiff Express Cruiser, a 1961 50' Chris-Craft Constellation Flush Deck (which I lived on for 5 years), a 1973 Aquarius A23 trailerable sailboat, a 1966 Columbia C26 MKI, and currently, bringing back to life a 1972 Grand Banks 32 Classic woodie. All of these great boats required a lot of work — from replacing chines and planks to recoring decks and completely rewiring 12 and 100 volt electrical systems.

Now, as approach semi-retirement, I aim to help boat owners keep their vessel in tip-top, bristol condition. The expertise I've gained over the past 4 decades is a valuable asset and I mean to share it with others.

It's all about building relationships and trust. Over the years my clients have believed in me and most count on me to take care of their marketing needs to this day. I'm looking forward to spending a lot more time repairing and maintaining boats rather then sitting if front of the computer all day. And, more importantly, bring a midwestern work ethic to those looking for a person who's as dedicated to quality as they are themselves.

To find out what I can do for you give me a call, fill out the form on the Contact Page or e-mail me - you'll be glad you did.

About BRAM

Our goal is to provide a reasonably priced boat repair and maintenance service. We're leaving Minnesota to spend our retirement years in warmer climes. Keep an eye out for the Grand Banks 32 - Lucky Maru!

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The BRAM Team will be traveling on the Lucky Maru, a restored 1972 Grand Banks 32 Classic. While on the trip we'll be accessing a lot of information. Below are some links:

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About ComoLtd

Graphic Design and Marketing has been my life, boat repair and maintenance is my retirement gig... fact is I'm pretty good at both. So, if you need either service, give me a call.

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